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Join us this Sunday for Bible Classes for all ages at 9:30am and stay for worship at 10:30am. We meet Sunday night at 6pm and Wednesdays at 7pm. We have a parking space just for you.

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470 Old Highway 290 Dripping Springs, TX 78620

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The Life of Faith: A Study of the Book of Joel

Introduction  October 29, 1929—also known as Black Tuesday.  On this date, share prices on the New York Stock Exchange completely collapsed, becoming a pivotal factor in the emergence of the Great Depression. Would completely altar history, and would be told for generations to come.  We look at these people in a special way—they learned to value what was truly important, a certain character about them.  When we open our Bibles to the little known book of Joel we discover a…

Church Blog

Is the Church Just Another Social Club?

You come into a nicely furnished building and are warmly greeted. The service begins with a cordial welcome and announcements about sick members and upcoming service projects. You make a pledge of loyalty to a higher ethic and pay your dues. The service ends with the promise to meet again next week and you leave feeling encouraged and uplifted. Sound familiar? While this may seem like the description of a Sunday worship service, we just described your everyday Lion’s Club…

Why God’s Promises Matter To God’s People

From the beginning of scripture, we begin to recognize a unique characteristic of God: He makes and keeps promises. Early on, these promises are known as “Covenants” in which God enters into an agreement with humanity. For example, he promised Noah post-flood that he would not bring that form of judgment on the earth again (Gen. 9:11); He still keeps that promise today. He promised Abraham that He would give his descendants the land of Canaan (Gen. 13:14-16) and fulfills…

2018 Theme: Know the Message, Accept the Mission

What is Christianity all about? What does a disciple of Jesus look like in 2018? What does God desire for the Dripping Springs Church of Christ this year? As the leadership asked these questions, two things became apparent: we need to know what we believe, and we need to know how to share it with others. That is, we need to know the message of God and accept the mission of God. Why is this so important and how do…