Culture of Death: Exposing the Atrocity of Abortion

Culture of Death: Exposing the Atrocity of Abortion


  • This past Tuesday marked the 46thanniversary of one of the most infamous Supreme Court decisions in our nation: Roe v. Wade.
    • In this decision, our supreme court decided that children within the womb were not “human persons” and therefore were not protected under the constitution’s guarantee of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
    • Since then, approximately 1.3 million abortions have been performed every year.
      • 108,333 abortions per month.
      • 25, 000 abortions per week
      • 3561 abortions per day.
      • 50x the amount of deaths caused by every American war combined.
    • While in recent years the pro-life movement has gained some ground, the “pro-choice” crowd has grown increasingly more audacious and bold in their demand for abortions on demand.
      • The same day as the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, New York legislature passed the “Reproductive Health Care Act” allowing mothers to “abort” their children up until birth.
      • In celebration of this event, Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo called for the World Trade Center to be lit up pink.
      • So, the day that you go in to give birth to your child could actually be the day that you slaughter them if you so decide—and the only difference is location.
    • Why discuss such a heinous topic on Sunday morning?
      • Because our children are being told that abortion is something to celebrate; about freedom, liberty, and “Women’s reproductive rights.”
      • Abortion is such a naturally heinous act that they must couch it in language that makes it palatable and acceptable.
    • Because of this, we need to show how abortion is scientifically indefensible, Biblically unacceptable, and morally reprehensible.
    • If we prove this–and we will–then no claim to rights to privacy or women’s choice matter—because it is an entirely different human being whose right to life usurps their right to privacy.


  • In his pre-election interview with Rick Warren, President Barak Obama said that it was “above his pay grade” to determine when life begins.
  • Is life’s starting point so uncertain? Can we really not know when it begins? Not according to Doctor Hymie Gordon (former chairman of the Department of Medical Genetics at Mayo Clinic) said back in 1981 on a panel before a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee.
    • “But now we can say, unequivocally, that the question of when life begins is no longer a question for the theological or the philosophical dispute. It is an established scientific fact. Theologians and Philosophers may go on to debate the meaning of life or the purpose of life, but it is an established fact that all life, including human life, begins at the moment of conception.”
    • Why is it that Dr. Gordon can be so certain?
      • Maybe because at the very moment of conception the 46 chromosomes that are necessary for every human being are present.
        • The 23 chromosomes from the mother and the 23 from the father come together at the moment of conception to make a new human being. (One slide with embryo)
      • At this moment, the embryo has its own unique DNA strand that no one else in the world will have (One slide with embryo)
        • At the moment of conception, it immediately has its own sex.
        • Even more interesting, slightly more than 50% of children conceived are boys—how then can this be a mere appendage of the mother when this embryo has completely different DNA and sex?
      • Not only that, but within a couple of weeks after conception, the baby has its own blood type which never mingles with the blood of the mother and might be a different blood type from the other.
      • Within the first few weeks after conception, the young baby has its own fingerprints—separate and distinct from their mother and every other human being in the world.
    • As mentioned, the embryo has all of the genetic material that it will ever need at the moment of conception; the only elements that are added, until the day they die, is food and water—no other material is needed for growth and development as a human.
      • As they develop from that point:
        • First Month: heart pulsates and limbs begin to appear. (two slides)
        • Second Month: their brain waves are detected, their skeleton develops, and facial structure begins to take shape—all body parts are present, can grip instruments and suck thumb. (One slide)
        • Third Month: Structure of the body is completely formed; Vigorous activity shows individuality, Curls toes, makes a fist, Opens mouth, practices breathing. (one slide)
        • Slides for 14 weeks, 15, 16, 18, and 20 (2 slides)
      • All that occurs after conception is growth and development (slide)and needs only time and nourishment to grow as an adult (slide)
    • As you look through these pictures, does this look like just a “mass of tissue”? Does this look like something that is just another “appendage of the mother”? You know better than that!
      • You realize that the only difference between the child you see in these pictures is location: one is inside the womb and one is outside!
      • In fact, 3D sonograms have shown the point to be even truer (4 slides showing 3D imaging).
    • And yet, even though you can see that this is a human being we are led to believe that the location of gives us the right to murder one!
    • Friends, it is obvious that increased development of technology has just increased our understanding that life does begin at conception!
    • Yet, what does the Bible have to say about life in the womb?


  • God is the God of all life, including the life of all children. In fact, when Jesus came to earth he spent time with children (Mrk. 10:14)
  • So, what does the God of all life have to say about life in the womb?
    • First, he says he forms them ( 139: 13) just liked he formed Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:7).
    • Children are intimately created by God ( 139:15-16)
    • The penalty hurting a child in the womb was the same for killing an adult ( 21:22-24; Gen. 9:6).
    • Christ was human from the moment he was conceived in the womb ( 1:20-21) and earlier in the verse she was described as being “with child”
    • Personal pronouns are used to describe unborn children ( 1:5).
    • Also, the same word that is used of the child in the womb ( 1:41) is the same word that is later used to describe a child out of the womb (Lk. 2:12)
  • The Bible makes it plainly clear that life begins at the point of conception and that God views a child in the womb just as valuable as one outside of the womb.


  • Both of our previous points show one central truth: That abortion is the murder of an independent, innocent, and defenseless human being.
    • A human life that could have been the doctor that cured cancer or the President that could have changed the world.
    • We have killed millions of teachers, farmers, doctors, architects, painters, writers, musicians—we have robbed the world of great potential!
  • Yet, the atrocity of abortion is seen, not only in the snuffing out of human life, but also the barbaric and brutal manner in which it was done.
    • I will not go into detail on the horror of abortion, but we need to take a good look at it and remember this is what they are doing to children.
    • Within recent years the world was introduced to the most prolific serial killer in American history: Kermit Gosnell.
    • Under the guise of “women’s health” Gosnell murdered dozens of innocent children in gruesome, heinous ways.
    • That’s the true face of abortion! No liberty, no freedom, no life, no love—only death, decay, and a detrimental loss of innocent life.
  • It is a moral atrocity; the greatest civil rights issue of our day.


  • Again, some may wonder why I would take the time to discuss such a topic?
    • Because of Him. Because of all my children.
    • Every time you think of an aborted child, you need to think of your own children and grandchildren—because they are someone’s child.
    • Because human life, no matter how small, is worth fighting for.
  • If we aren’t willing to be passionate about this; if we aren’t willing to speak out against this; if we are willing to turn a blind eye to this—in private, in public, and even when we are in the voting box—then God help us.


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