Who God Says You Are

Who God Says You Are

The media says you are a certain way. Your family labels you and assigns you roles, but what does God say? Spoiler alert: He thinks a lot of you.

Who God Says You Are: Your Actions

Who God Says You Are: Your Actions  Introduction  Hypocrite: saying you are something but not really living it. The word was used to describe an actor who would wear a mask: you are playing a part. Within religion used towards Christians. Implied: If you’re going to claim to be a Christian, then you need to act like one (we would agree with this). Stronger: You aren’t a Christian unless you act like a Christian (too strong?). The reality is that…

Who God Says You Are: Your Body

Introduction One of the earliest heresies within the church was a teaching known as “Gnosticism.” Group of individuals who claimed to have “secret knowledge” that you could only access by being in their inner circle. This secret knowledge revealed that the material world is inherently bad, which implied that the human body was evil. This led to the belief in two different things: That Jesus did not really come in the flesh (Hence, John’s statement in 1 John 4:2). Secondly,…