Foreign Mission Works

Foreign Mission Works

At the Dripping Springs Church of Christ, we hope to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by supporting evangelism, with focus on:

  1. Establishing the kingdom of God
  2. Building self-sustaining congregations
  3. Involving members in various aspects of short-term and long-term evangelism

To that end, this congregation supports the following mission works:

  • Far East World Evangelism
  • Rice Lake, Wisconsin – Scott & Charlene Nedland
  • Lancaster, New Hampshire – Tom Jackson
  • World Video Bible School  (visit website here)
  • South Africa – Joshua & Lind Ankiah
  • Paraguay – Troy & Andrea Spradlin
  • Southwest School of Bible Studies Students  (visit website here)
  • Four Seas College of Bible and Missions (visit website here)

We pray continuously for these men and women who are tireless in their efforts to bring the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world; that they may realize the fruits of their labors.  We pray for their physical safety and continued success as they work in the Kingdom.