Pulpit Minister

Jacob Rutledge

Jacob Rutledge is a 2011 graduate of the Southwest School of Bible studies.  He is continuing his education through Heritage Christian University and has held gospel meetings and spoken in lectureships in Texas, Arkansas, Louisianna, Virginia and others.  He has also spoken at the annual preacher’s workshop “Polishing the Pulpit”. Jacob is the director of Discipleship University and works at various camps and retreats with young people.  He writes extensively and his most recent articles can be found on the…
Youth Minster

Steven Akin

Our vision for this church is to facilitate a true “family” ministry.  Every member, young or old, has a place in God’s family.  While we all contribute in different ways, the most important place for us to be is together.  Together, we live and move and breathe as the Body of Christ.