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Teaching Articles

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Is COVID-19 The Mark of the Beast?

Teaching Article for the Week of August 15-21, 2021 Introduction Receiving the very same phone call from two different people on the very same day captured my attention.  Something must be going on. The first call was from a college basketball coach who asked with frustration, “Dad, one of my players thinks that Covid-19 is ‘The Mark of the Beast’, and he doesn’t want to get vaccinated. What can I tell him?” Within a few hours, I received the second…
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History versus Premillennialism’s Most Compelling Argument

Making their case, Premillennialists have no more emotionally compelling argument than what we shall call the Argument from Aren’t Things Terrible Today (hereafter, AATTT).  The AATTT considers social destabilization (crime, riots, inflation, immigration, etc.), moral erosion (LBGTQXYZ, drugs, pornography, the breakup of the family, etc.), international tension (select from among Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, etc.), political corruption (pick your party; pick your politician), natural cataclysm (earthquakes, climate change, hurricanes, wildfires, etc.) and the threat of UFOs to conclude that…