Posts from September 2020

Posts from September 2020

Anger control and management

You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Jacob Rutledge The Incredible Hulk used to warn others about the consequences of his rage by saying, “Please don’t make me angry; you won’t like me when I’m angry.” Interestingly, the warning was always for other people: they wouldn’t like him angry. In truth, the character Bruce Banner (who plays the human part of the Hulk before he transforms) takes pleasure in the brute strength, power, and freedom his anger grants him. Is his temper dangerous? Certainly. Yet, with that…

Psalm 18: Equipped for Victory

A “defeatist mentality” is a mindset which assumes all attempts at success, change, and victory are pointless. It believes that the enemy is too strong, the righteous are too weak, and that the inevitable outcome of history will be one in which Satan gets the last say. It quickly gives in to despair and refuses to risk anything, convinced that such attempts would lead only to defeat. If we are being honest, each of us struggles with this mindset from…