Posts from May 2020

Posts from May 2020

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What Every Church Needs

Jacob Rutledge In our consumer-driven culture, people are enticed to constantly be on the lookout for a better deal. Whether it’s the best bargain on a new car or the best job offer on the table, we naturally look out for our best interest. This mentality influences what we look for in a church as well. Instead of looking for a congregation that stands for truth, ministers to the poor, and seeks the lost, we often scope out congregations that…
Fanned book

What’s Your Story?

When I was a child, my mother used to read me a story called “Dinosaur Dream” by author Dennis Nolan. It was a wonderful tale of a young boy who is surprised to discover an infant dinosaur scratching at his door one night. The book covers their adventure as young Gideon attempts to lead the creature back home. Recently, I bought the same book for my son and read it to him at night. I love a good story (I…