Posts from September 2019

Posts from September 2019

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3 Reasons for Daily Bible Study

As a father, there are certain habits I have to enforce with my children which they otherwise wouldn’t do. For example, I tell them to brush their teeth, clean their room, watch how they talk to each other, etc. Yet there is one habit I don’t need to enforce: eating. Of course, there are times when I have to “persuade” them to eat certain meals, but I never have to force them to eat; they naturally possess an appetite and…

It’s Never Too Late

How many of you have ever been around a person and think to yourself “How can this person be so wicked and mean?” Throughout my life, I have met several people like this. It’s heartbreaking, discouraging, and kind of makes me mad that a person could be that far away from God and not care. Something we need to know is that no matter how far someone may be away from God, there is always an opportunity to come back…