Chapter 6: New Testament Christianity in the Last Two Decades of the 20th Century

 The year 1992 marked the fiftieth year of the church of Christ in Dripping Springs at Hwy. 290 West and Mercer Street. The church continued under the oversight of elders/pastors Carl Garner, Grady Moore and Bob Templeton. The deacons then were Tracy Frisinger, Bill Hyde and Roland Merz. Carl Garner has been preaching for the congregation since December 1986, and in May of 2001 John Moore, who grew up in Dripping Springs, began his work as one of our full-time gospel preachers.

The members have given generously to the cause of Christ over the years, and in the 80s and 90s the church gave financial support to David Dalton in Minnesota and Missouri, David Coombs in New Hampshire, Clyde Antwine in Germany and Ron Clayton in India. Financial support also sent one of our own, John Moore, Campus Minister and Evangelist, to Jamaica, in addition to supporting John’s efforts at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. Brother Roy Deaver and Bert Thompson’s Apologetics Press publications also have received some financial support from the church. World Video Bible School in Buda, Texas that distributes Bible study video tapes and notes around the world has also been the beneficiary of the generous support provided by the church at Dripping Springs.

Carl Garner taught two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in the Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin. Financial support was given to young men attending this school and others to prepare themselves to preach the gospel of Christ. David Baker, Mike McFarland, Tommy Moore, Tim Ayers, Royce Williamson ,Tyler Young, Tommy Cook, Paul Brown, Sam Dilbeck, Mark Miller, Russell Haffner, Larry DeLong, Ed Lee, Justin Bonnett, Clay Martin, Doug Young, Fred Nowell, Ernie Maiwald and Johnny Woodruff also were supported as they prepared to preach the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ.

Many fine gospel meetings have been held by various preachers including Johnny Ramsey, David Brown, Joe Gilmore, Roy Deaver, Dave Collier, Bobby Bates, Bob Liddell, David Dalton, Ronnie Harper, Burt Jones, Oran Rhodes and John Moore. Ladies Bible Classes have been taught faithfully and capably by sister Novella Sorrell. Our deepest appreciation is extended to her for her knowledge of the Bible and her dedication to teaching God’s truth.

In the middle 1980s the surge of interest in New Testament Christianity brought many faithful Christians to Dripping Springs who lived and worked in the Austin area. They wanted to worship with a congregation who taught and practiced Bible truths. The building then was hardly adequate and since many of the families had children, there soon were not enough classrooms for Bible classes, even though some space had been taken out of the auditorium area to provide additional classroom space.

Seeking to be good stewards of the blessings given by our heavenly Father, the elders and the men of the congregation decided to build a new building in the same location as the old. The decision was made to remove the old building and use the existing slab and one or two walls in the construction of the new facilities. This decision to build did not diminish the continued financial support for preaching the gospel to which we were committed.

The combination of the Lord’s will with the congregation’s talents, the contribution of many hours, much energy, a considerable amount of money, over a year’s planning and four months of construction brought the new building to completion. Services began on December 13, 1992. This new facility will seat almost three hundred people and includes eight classrooms, a library, an office and a teachers’ workroom.

Grady Moore was the architect and Max Driggers, an elder for the Northwest church in Austin, was the able contractor. Marvin Crumley and Bill McNair spent many hours keeping the plumbing, electrical work and tree-trimming moving along. Clinton Rutherford installed the telephone wiring and directed the landscaping of the grounds. Lyle Claar furnished the auditorium with an excellent sound system and many other men volunteered their time and skills wherever needed. Judy Templeton, Alene McNair, Sheryl Walker and Mary Crumley assisted as decorators by choosing color samples and fabrics for the carpeting, pews and the bathrooms, with final selections made by the entire congregation. Many other members donated time and energy to cleaning, preparing classrooms, preparing and distributing song books, installing signs, etc., that prepared the building for the Open House held January 3, 1993 for the community, visitors and friends from other congregations.

All this was done because we love the Lord and His church. We have learned when we work together we can accomplish great and good things. So we must be busy seeking and saving the lost, as well as restoring those who have fallen away from their first love so that on that last day our Lord can say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant … enter thou into the joys of thy Lord” (Matthew 25:21).

The “far greater weight of glory” keeps all Christians richly supplied with hope. The brethren in Dripping Springs have this and a bright future to keep their spirits high. As we continue to depend upon the will of God, we pray … have confidence … and believe that our faithful obedience will help spread the borders of Christ’s kingdom in our community.



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