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This history is a combination of both old and new information as the building where Christians now worship in Dripping Springs is a combination of both the old and the new structure. The information in Chapters one through five were compiled by Don Prather with the assistance of members of the Dripping Springs church of Christ and distributed in a booklet prodDS buildinguced for the 40th Anniversary observance of the church’s existence in Dripping Springs. Additional facts have been included by Lolly Brown to these chapters. Chapter six was written by Novella Sorrell and Carl Garner. Chapter seven is a reprint of bulletin articles by Carl Garner that are pertinent to this history.  Special thanks is extended to Stephen Eckstein for permission to draw material from History of the Churches of Christ in Texas.

This history is dedicated to the memory of all the faithful members of the Lord’s church at Dripping Springs, Texas that are now reaping the promised eternal life with God our Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ. It is also dedicated to those who continue the good fight. “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.”


Chapter 1: The Common Origin

Chapter 2:  The Common Heritage

Chapter 3: New Testament Christianity in Central Texas

Chapter 4: Millseat, Henly, Driftwood and Teck

Chapter 5:  New Testament Christianity in Dripping Springs

Chapter 6:  The Last Two Decades

Chapter 7:  The Church and the Building

Chapter 8:  Fifty Years From Now



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